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Cape Scott / West Coast
Walking Scenery Photo Tour

8-12 hour land-based tour to Cape Scott Provincial Park and the outer Vancouver Island coast. It includes 3-4 hours of walking.
2 guests or one family maximum!

All day land based walking scenery tour in Cape Scott Provincial Park and the scenic outer coast of northern Vancouver Island. We will drive on gravel road one way for about 1.5 - 2 hours, depending on road conditions. Spend some hours in Cape Scott Provincial Park, walking for about 3 hours through a beautiful forest and along sandy beaches. After a picnic style lunch, we will drive a little bit further to the spectacular outer coast where we will walk and enjoy the stunning scenery till we run out of time.


Important notes:!!!

This is a relaxing walking tour which is ideal to give you some photo tips and a little bit more knowledge about photography. While we have chances to see wildlife, we normally don't see a lot.​

A "typical day" on Cape Scott / West Coast tour:

Most visitors to Northern Vancouver Island don't have a chance to visit the West Coast or Cape Scott Provincial Park. Rental cars are not always allowed on the gravel road (for a good reason).

This tour brings us via a gravel road in about 1 and a half hours over to the west side of the Island. We will have a couple of stops along the way but will be trying to get over as quickly as we can. We will be visiting Ronnings Garden for a stop before we arrive at Cape Scott Provincial Park. We will be on an easy walk for about 50 minutes (if we photograph a lot it takes a bit longer) to an amazing bay with sandy beaches. There are lots to photograph around the bay and we will spend as much time as we want. We never rush when we out photographing.

As soon as we feel like we captured a lot we walk back to the car, rest a bit, have a sandwich or two before we drive for another 20-30 min. to the outer rougher coastline. We don't have to walk very far but be prepared to walk and "climb" over some driftwood along the way. 

We will be spending the rest of the day here before we go home. Depending on the time of the year and your personal request we might even stay for sunset before we return.

It is a private custom tour so we will discuss details before we leave and we will tailor the tour around your requests.

This tour is ideal to learn a bit about nature photography, no matter if you have a point & shoot or if you are advanced. This tour is available as a photo tour in which Rolf will show and explain photography to you. There is no fixed schedule and Rolf will "design" the tour "on the go" to meet your personal level of photography.

As a guided tour Rolf or another guide will lead you to the same amazing spots but without the teaching part.

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