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Cave, Lakes & Beaches
Walking Scenery Photo Tour

6-8 hour land-based tour to a natural cave, lakes and beautiful beaches along the eastern Vancouver Island coast. It includes 3-4 hours of walking.
2 guests or one family maximum

All day land based walking (driving in between locations) scenery tour to several amazing spots of northern Vancouver Island east coast. We will be visiting a natural cave, lakes and beautiful beaches. 


Important notes:!!!

This is a relaxing walking tour which is ideal to give you some photo tips and a little bit more knowledge about photography if requested. While we have chances to see wildlife, we normally don't see a lot.

A "typical day" on Cave, lake & beaches tour

We will be going onto several short hikes, maybe 30 min. each way to visit some hidden gems around the northern part of Vancouver Island, along the east coast.

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