Land & Water
1/2 on land - 1/2 day on the water

This is a combination of visiting the Cave and Lake with whale watching in the Broughton in the afternoon.
4 guests maximum! 

We will be enjoying a scenic part of northern Vancouver Island by visiting the Cave and a lake or two, then we drive back to the base, pick up the boat and go whale watching for the rest of the afternoon in Johnstone Strait and the Broughton Archipelago. This is a great choice for families or special needs as we are more flexible with timing.


Important notes:!!!

This is a relaxing walking tour which is ideal to give you some photo tips and a little bit more knowledge about photography if requested. While we have chances to see wildlife, we normally don't see a lot.

A "typical day" on Land / Boat Photo Tour

We will be driving to the cave and go for a short hike, maybe 20 minutes and enjoy the peaceful setting. After we return to the car we will be visiting a lake or two before we drive back to the base, pick up "The Ambient Light", launch it and go whale watching in Johnstone Strait and the Broughton Archipelago.


Depending on the season we might see killer whales, humpback whales, porpoises, sea lions, eagles and other marine wildlife. With a bit of luck we might even see dolphins or black bears.



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