Private Custom Photo Wildlife Tours

Rolf Hicker's small, private & personalised photo tours offer unique grizzly bear & killer whale watching within stunning scenery.

Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

4 guests maximum

Are you tired of following big crowds on boat tours? Got a special birthday? Want a unique intimate family experience? Propose to your loved one? Require Special Needs? Looking for peace and quiet? Want to capture amazing wildlife & scenery photos?


Professional photographer Rolf Hicker will be your guide. He is photographing the area for 35+ years as a professional photographer and is now your certified skipper. All tours have a maximum of 4 guests.

Rolf's excursions are personal, individual and intimate. The tour boat is specifically built and features above safety equipment like radar, GPS, VHF Radio, comfortable seating...and a small onboard toilet.


My individual photo tours are ideal for families, photographers, special-needs (within limits) or anybody else who enjoys a small private group.

Private ocean-based boat photo tours

Knight Inlet

8-12 hour boat tour

Grizzly Bear Watching

Wildlife & Scenery photo tour into beautiful Knight Inlet for grizzly bear watching, stunning scenery and other wildlife like whales, dolphins and more.

killer whales

6-8 hour boat tour

Killer Whale Watching

Wildlife & Scenery photo tour along the Broughton Archipelago for orca (killer whale) and humpback whale watching, stunning scenery and other marine wildlife like dolphins, porpoises, eagles and other.


sea otters

Sea Otters
7-9 hour boat tour

Sea Otter Watching

Wildlife & Scenery photo tour along the wild West Coast of northern Vancouver Island to watch cute sea otters in a protected Inlet.


Private land-based walking photo tours
West Coast Vancouver Island

Cape Scott

10-12 hour land tour

West Coast Vancouver Island -
Cape Scott

All day walking scenery photo tour to explore the beautiful West Coast of Vancouver Island at Cape Scott and the outer rough coast.


Cave & Beach

6-8 hour land tour

East Coast Vancouver Island

Walking day photo tour to a cave, lakes and beaches along the East Coast of Vancouver Island.


1:1 Workshop
6-8 hour lessons

Photo Workshop / Lessons
Vancouver Island North

For beginners to intermediate photographers. Includes photo lessons in the field as well as introduction to lightroom and critique sessions.

October - May only



Additional Tours

5-hour whale watching tour to watch killer whales (orcas), humpback whales and whatever else we can find out there.


4 guests maximum!

4-hour sunset whale watching tour to watch mostly killer whales (orcas) and humpback whales and other wildlife


4 guests maximum!

Tour combination with a 1/2 day walking tour to the Cave or to a beach and a 1/2 day on the water to watch whales and marine wildlife.

4 guests maximum

Tell me what you want to do / see and I come up with a custom ideas for your needs.


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