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Custom Designed Tour Boat

"The Ambient Light"

Custom designed tour boat, Hardtop 22'6" (6.85 m) aluminum with 6 seats + captain, a 200 hp Suzuki outboard engine (plus a 9.9 hp kicker as a backup), all above standard safety equipment, Radar, GPS, VHF Radio and a marine toilet!

The tour boat was specifically designed for the conditions around the Broughton Archipelago and Knight Inlet with safety and comfort being the main focus.

The boat includes 3 double seats and a skippers seat, all looking forward so our guests can enjoy the same view as the captain. 

The enclosed cabin with a hard top (can be used for tripods) provides a quiet and dry ride at all time. The engine noise is limited to a minimum. The built in marine toilet is a nice addition to the boat.


The extra large fuel tank gives us a large range with lots of safety reserves to discover the British Columbia Coast, the Broughton Archipelago, Knight Inlet, Johnstone Strait, Blackfish Sound and many other amazing places.

The vessel meets or exceeds the minimum stability requirements of Transport Canada Marine Safety for small commercial vessels.

Your skipper is also certified with a commercial license which exceeds the minimum requirements of Transport Canada. 

The low deck, access to the bow and sliding windows on both sides making it a perfect platform for photography as well as for whale watching and bear watching off the Vancouver Island coast. 


Professional photographer Rolf Hicker will be your guide. He is photographing the area for 30+ years as a professional photographer and is your certified skipper. 

All tours have a maximum of 4 guests on board.

"The Ambient Light" is used on these tours

Knight Inlet

8-12 hour boat tour

Grizzly bear watching

Wildlife & Scenery tour into beautiful Knight Inlet for grizzly bear watching, stunning scenery and other wildlife like whales, dolphins and more.


6-8 hour boat tour

Killer whale watching

Wildlife & Scenery tour along the Broughton Archipelago for orca (killer whale) and humpback whale watching, stunning scenery and other marine wildlife like dolphins, porpoises, eagles and other.



Sea Otters
7-9 hour boat tour

Sea otter watching

Wildlife & Scenery tour along the wild West Coast of northern Vancouver Island to watch cute sea otters in a protected Inlet.



Additional Boat Tours

Whale watching

5-hour whale watching tour to watch killer whales (orcas), humpback whales and whatever else we can find out there.


4 guests maximum!

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Sunset whale watching

4-hour sunset whale watching tour to watch mostly killer whales (orcas) and humpback whales and other wildlife


4 guests maximum!

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Land / Boat

This is a new tour combination with a roughly 1/2 day walking tour to the Cave or to a beach and a 1/2 day on the water to watch whales and marine wildlife.

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Tell me what you want to do / see and I come up with a custom ideas for your needs.

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